Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable arts-Film stars

The past nine weeks have been crazy and stressful, It took us a long time to find the right festival. After discussing it with our group ( Mya, Summer, Me) we all decided to do the Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Film Festival is held in January at the Salt Lake City and Utah Park. This our costume. We found an old dress and painted it and then stuck different layers of old film to the dress. We also made some accessories such as necklace, earrings, shoes and a bag.

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  1. Hi Ella. I really loved your groups Wearable Arts. I thought it was such a clever idea to use the inside of VCR's to create your costume. I think the accessories really finished the dress off. What was the most interesting fact you learnt about the Sundance film festival? Is there anything you would do differently if you could do it again? Miss H


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